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Pocket Knives

Collectible Pocket Knives

An integral tool for humanity, the knife has been in use for more than 2 million years. The pocket knife gains its name from the one or more foldable blades that allow it to fit in the pocket of a jacket or pair of trousers, making it easy to carry and conceal. Depending on the type, the user can open the knife by methods such as pulling on the dull edge of the blade or pressing a button located on the handle.

The earliest versions of the pocket knife served as tools for artisans and craftsmen for shaping their works. Over time, these versatile knives have served as everything from cutting tools to military weapons.

Ameican Mint Is Proud to Offer a Sizable Collectible Pocket Knife Selection

To celebrate this fantastic history, American Mint offers an extensive selection of collector’s edition steel pocket knives and Bowie knives depicting various themes such as wildlife, the Civil War, and the Wild West. Examples of our collectible pocket knives for sale include:

  • Grizzly Bear Pocket Knife: This handsome pocket knife pays homage to the undisputed "King of the North American Wilderness." The 3.15" 420 stainless steel blade features a strikingly detailed image of a grizzly. We've limited the production of this one-of-a-kind collectible to only 25,000 pieces worldwide.
  • Robert E. Lee Battle of Chancellorsville Pocket Knife:This high-quality collectible pocket knife includes a lifelike portrait of the leader of the Confederate Army meticulously etched into the stainless steel blade, along with the location and date of his most significant Civil War victory. The attractive simulated bone handle includes an intricately engraved gold-tone bolster that serves as a stylish frame for the piece.
  • Statue of Liberty Pocket Knife:This exclusive collectible pocket knife features an elegant satin-finish handle and a breathtaking image of the Statue of Liberty etched onto the stainless steel blade. The handle also includes a beautiful full-color portrait of Lady Liberty with the American flag in the background.

Please take a minute to browse our entire inventory of collectible pocket knives for sale. Take advantage of our significantly discounted online pricing and fast, easy ordering process.