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U.S. Navy Coins

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In 1775, George Washington realized a competent naval force was paramount in defeating the British and winning the battle for American independence. Washington was instrumental in persuading the Continental Congress to authorize the formation of the fledgling nation's first navy. While the Continental Navy achieved mixed results during engagements with its British Royal Navy counterpart, it did experience some success in harassing the enemy, particularly when raiding British merchant vessels.

After the war, the government of the newly formed United States of America disbanded the remnants of the Continental Navy. However, a series of attacks on U.S. merchant ships by Barbary pirates led to the passage of the Naval Act of 1794, which authorized the construction of six frigates to thwart the pirate raids. Over the course of more than two centuries, the U.S. Navy has continued to protect and serve our nation's maritime interests, while earning the distinction of being the most capable seafaring fighting force in the world.

American Mint Offers a Wide Selection of Collectible Navy Coins

If you're a collector of beautiful, high-quality military coins or have an intense interest in the history of our armed forces, then you'll love our assortment of U.S. Navy coins.

A prized item in our collection is the breathtaking Battle of Midway Commemorative Color Coin  which features a silver-plated depiction of Fleet Admiral Chester Nimitz, who guided the navy to victory during this decisive World War II encounter with the Japanese.

Other offerings include a Navy SEAL coin that pays homage to this elite fighting force, as well as pieces that honor the memory of the sailors who lost their lives in the attack on Pearl Harbor.

Get Highest Quality When You Purchase U.S. Navy Coins From American Mint

At American Mint, we take pride in offering coins that combine exceptional quality and affordable pricing. Many of our coins meet the lofty proof standard, and all come with a Certificate of Authenticity that validates their size and materials. You'll receive an expertly crafted one-of-a-kind product you'll be thrilled to add to your collection.

Plus, we offer a discount on many of our coins when you purchase online. To order your U.S. Navy coins, just select the item, add it to your shopping cart, and complete the simple checkout process.